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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

how to make a china collar

cut the fabric this way (2 pieces) after making your dress ready to fit. measure the edge perfectly and give half a cm extra for folding.  
now sandwich as - 2 layers of cloth facing each other and one collar stiff material.

this is how it looks like.

after stitching, turn them inside out. and it looks this way. sew on them to give a perfect look. 
leave a cm of cloth not stitched at the 2 ends to fold into the main dress.
cut the white fabric that are popping outside, evenly. 


Cutting Mats

Pressing tools
Rotary cutter

Rotary Rulers

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sewing small Bag

Make it 5 parts. 
Middle three parts = 1/4th of total width. (3 inches)
side 2 portions = 1/2 of it. (1/2 inches)
Make Sandwich. Outer cloth + Collor stiff cloth / sponge + beautiful lining cloth.
Pin 'em all to stay in the place.
cut 2 pieces of each cloth as squares measuring 3"+1 cm by 3" + 1 cm
Pin them all.
Sew the sides of the small squares so that you can remove the pins. 
Attach the zipper 
Make the handle which makes you operate the zipper easier  
Once Zipper is attached, attach the side square cloth to the main cloth this way. Pin them before you sew.
 place the handle inside and sew it on. use thicker machine needle. 
Make it inside out. your bag is ready.  

Your bag is ready. You may keep your make-up item or jeweleries in it. 
Would like to hear from you how this tutorial was helpful. You may post the comments! Thank you!