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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nightie alteration

Hi guys, i want to share with everyone what i made for me. Infact I was in a great mood to take some some snaps to upload in the tutorials but my  camera did everything mess up in the half way. So sorry and disappointing. Yet, i wouldn't want to stop what I want to do. Here it is..

1. Cut your Nightie in the waist line. (14" or more length. Less if you are short. Measure your body and decide the length).

2. Measure your shoulders and mark (A)- (7.5")
 Measure your chest, around your armpit and mark (B)- 9.5". 
Measure (C) length. (8")
Measure your waist and Mark. 8.5"
And cut along.(Ask me if you are new to sewing for detailed explanation.) 

3. Trim the hand. Measure the desired Length, and cut this way.
Cutting is done now. 

4. Sew and Attach the hand first.
5. Sew along the sides. Now you have a blouse kind. 

6. Next, Attach the Bottom skirt to the top. 

Give frills on both the sides to compress the excess cloth. you may add decorative fabric flowers or anything you want just above the frills to make the adjustment look gorgeous!

Now you have saved lot of money that you would have paid to a dress which looks like this as you made this in a simple nightie! You can also wear this comfortably when you have guest at home.

Here is the other Nightie I made- little larger and comfortable to wear.